Sunroom Color Ideas To Liven Up Your Home

Sunrooms bring together the best of our indoor homes and the outside world! Basking in the aura of a sunroom is nothing short of magical, with the wonders of nature and bright sunlight available in the comfort of your homes.

Sunrooms can be a place to start your day or unwind at noon with a cup of tea and a good book. Regardless of how you use it, your sunroom can hold a very important place in your house, and choosing the right color for it will enhance the ambiance of the room!
But before looking for sunroom color ideas, you will have to factor in the finish of your room. 

There are two common types of finishes:
  • Eggshell/flat finish: 

An eggshell/flat finish is matt and has a very soft look. If the room is a common gathering area or occupies a frequently passed section of your home, it’s best to use a flat finish. The preferable choice would be eggshell, as the finish is very easy to maintain and has a soft, welcoming look. It reduces glares in the room, which often occurs in rooms with a lot of natural light.

  • Satin finishes: 

Satin finishes are shiny and almost glossy. Best described as a rich and silky finish, these work well in sunrooms where you want to have a luxurious look. Just like flat finishes, they are easy to maintain. A satin finish is best suited for sunrooms that have an attached outdoor area. 

And now that you know how the finished product should look, check out these sunroom color ideas that you can choose to liven up your home.

Best Sunroom Color Ideas:

  • White:

White walls reflect the majority of sunlight, allowing it to flood the room. This adds a light and airy ambiance to the area. It can open up the space and has a unique neutral feature. So if you want a minimalist design or statement piece of furniture, you have nothing to worry about as white walls complement almost all designs and colors.

  • Neutral Colors:

A neutral color palette with grays and beiges is a very popular sunroom color idea. Neutral colors can be quite relaxing. They allow you to highlight elements of your room and also enhance the view outside your sunroom. With neutral colors, there is no clash between indoor and outdoor elements, which can elevate the relaxed vibe of your sunroom.

  • Nature-inspired colors: 

Colors that are inspired by, or adapted from the scenery surrounding your sunroom, can bring a natural energy to the room. 
Painting the sunroom with pastel shades of sunflower or marigold yellow, pale greens, and other light colors within a matching color palette can help merge your room’s aesthetics with the view. To enhance the natural design of the room, use furniture with largely natural materials i.e. wood, bamboo, etc. 

  • Color-coded ceilings or walls:

It’s best to find colors and patterns that carry through the whole house if the sunroom is an extension of other parts of your home, like the living room or kitchen. 

Using patterns like stripped ceilings or blocks of colors can bring in a seamless look, while blocks can bring in a stand-out design. Some sunroom color ideas you can try are off-white, beiges and warm browns, cool blues, or more unconventional color schemes like vermilion with pale sage green. 

  • Coordinated background and furniture:

If you’re looking for a highlighter that is focused outdoors, the best way to decorate the room is to bring in neutral-colored walls that complement the other fixtures in a room. 

If the room serves multiple purposes, you can also opt to furnish the room with electronics or recreation accessories like a pool table or a musical instrument. Deep browns, mulled oranges, or a beige wall could all provide a very pleasant feel, enabling the focus of the room to be the outdoor view. The neutral color pallet and strategic furniture would also help the room fit into the typical outdoor aura of a sunroom while watching a movie or reading a book. 

  • Complimentary Two-tones: 

In a home with a lot of eye-catching and attention-drawing architecture, it’s always beneficial to use a two-tone color scheme. 

In rooms with mantles and arched doorways, you can enhance the look of the room by bringing in colors that highlight and complement the architecture. If the room has floor to window ceilings, or a sizable bookcase, using a dark color to outline the finer details will be simple and can easily elevate a room.

  • Bright colors:

If your home is inspired by modern architecture or has a few statement pieces of furniture, it would be quite fitting to have bold and bright colors in your sunroom. 

With a bright color, you can break the monotony of the basic sunroom design. Either you can have one solid and bold colored wall or a ceiling that is painted in a bright and attention-drawing color. Choosing a bright color that is part of but not the main focus of the room can elevate your sunroom. Hues of green and yellow, or blue, work best for this style. Picking lighter hues of already existing colors in your room is a good way to go. Coordinating this color with your furniture can make the room look elegant. 

  • Pop of color:

Thinking of adding bright colors to your sunroom, but you can’t decide on just one? Try adopting a color palette with pops of color. 

Paint the walls and ceilings in a neutral tone that suits a natural color palette, thus bringing color to everything but your walls! As in the case with most sunrooms, the best option is to draw from nature and select colors like marigold, orange, and peony pink. Let your sofas and chairs have the largest pops of colors. If you’re adding accents, like framed art and rugs, remember to choose ones that are a lighter version of your selected colors. 

Make sure that when you paint your sunroom, you go ahead and enjoy the process! Basking in a newly painted and decorated sunroom is an unparalleled feeling. Be sure to save these ideas for the next time you want to redo your sunroom!

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